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Facts about Diacetyl


As e-liquid continues to be created in various flavors, manufacturers are being urged to avoid marketing any flavor that contains Diacetyl, an ingredient found in movie theater popcorn butter that can be hazardous to one’s health if too much of it is consumed.

Further studies determined that any e-juice that has a sweet flavor to it contains Diacetyl. It was already known that creamy e-juice flavors contain Diacetyl, as well as custard juices. However, many people have been under the impression that the fruity and sweet e-juice flavors did not contain it, though this is not always true.

The Perfume Apprentice (TPA) and The Flavor Apprentice (TFA) are two groups that educate the public on which e-juices contain Diacetyl and which ones don’t. Together they are releasing cream and custard flavored e-liquids on the market that do not contain Diacetyl or contain only trace amounts of it.

TFA has marketed certain flavors of e-liquids that do have Diacetyl in them. These flavors are no longer being carried by suppliers in the UK but are being carried by suppliers in the U.S. Some of the flavors the U.S. suppliers provide are beer, barley, croissant, yogurt and pistachio.

TPA makes it a point to market e-liquids that do not have Diacetyl in them. Flavors that smokers can purchase from the TPA include sweet cream, vanilla custard and white chocolate.

Unlike e-liquid providers in the United States, those in the United Kingdom are known for testing e-liquids to see if they contain Diacetyl; any e-liquid that does is shelved so as not to be sold to smokers.

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E-Cig Replacement Coils & Sub-Ohm Coils

GR E-Liquid Available Coils

Grand Rapids E-Liquid vape shop carries a wide selection of replacement coils and sub-ohm coils for several types of electronic cigarettes. We will also match prices of local vape shops. Our Northland Drive location stocks almost every coil on the market today.  If you buy 4 coils you will receive a free coil. We carry the following brands of coils in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our Address is 5355 Northland Drive NE STE D, GR, MI.


Updated 12/14/2015

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  • Aspire BVC Heads

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  • Cyclone Coils

  • Cyclone Ni200 Coil

  • Delta 2 Atomizer  Coils

  • Ego One and eVic .5  Coils

  • eGo One Nickel  Coils

  • eGo One Titanium  Coils

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  • ICLEAR 16D Coils

  • ICLEAR 30 Coils

  • ICLEAR 30S Coils

  • ICLEAR 30B Coils

  • Innokin iClear 30S Coils

  • Joyetech eGrip CS Coils

  • Kanger Dual Coil

  • Kanger O.C.C. Coils

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Grand Rapids E-Liquid mixes and sells custom VG/PG drink flavored e-liquids and e-juices. Popular flavors are Baja Blast that taste like mountain dew’s baja blast flavor, also a fan favorite in-store and on our e-liquid website. Also check out Mount Doom, and e-juice that taste exactly like mountain dew.

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