What are the Benefits of CBD?

CBD E-Liquid from Grand Rapids E-Liquid, in Grand Rapids, Michigan… Have you heard about the benefits of this non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and industrial hemp, cannabinoid? Are you looking for CBD oil in Grand Rapids, MI? Well, look no further. Grand Rapids E-liquid is now offering CBD vape juice to our customers looking to try out this new supplement for themselves.

 Green Tea CBD Grand Rapids E-Liquid
CBD is a compound in cannabis and industrial hemp that is extracted from the plant. CBD extracted from industrial hemp is non-psychoactive, does not contain THC, and has been found to promote many benefits. Grand Rapids E-liquid brings this CBD product to you to experience all the benefits of this helpful compound.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

Please remember, we are in the early days of medical marijuana science, so not very many human studies have been done on CBD. Preliminary studies, animal testing, and surveys are all providing evidence that cannabidiol might give some amazing health benefits. Consumers are taking advantage of this information and including this great supplement in their day to day lives. However, the Grand Rapids CBD E-liquid is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult with your doctor before starting any new dietary or supplement program.

Anti-Anxiety Benefits of CBD

CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety. ProjectCBD.org is an organization devoted to helping the public access research about cannabidiol. From Project CBD, “patients with psychiatric illnesses, mood disorders, neurological diseases, and CNS injuries favor CBD-dominant cannabis medicines”. On their site, they even have a whole section dedicated to the anxiety relieving benefits of cannabidiol, including eight published medical studies about CBD’s effects on social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder.

 Anti-Oxidant Benefits

Antioxidants, the helpful compounds thought to fight aging, are found in the cannabis plant, namely as CBD at Grand Rapids E-Liquid. The US government has recognized CBD’s potential as an antioxidant with US government patent #6,630,507. The patent, filed in 1999, states that “Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new-found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuro-protectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia”.

anticonvulsants Benefits

Dr. Sanjay Gupta notable brought the anticonvulsants benefits of CBD to public awareness with his CNN special. Gupta’s special showed a child undergoing CBD therapy to treat her epileptic seizures from Dravet’s Syndrome using CBD. Many parents are now seeking high quality CBD medicines to treat the persistent seizures of their children. State legislators are even beginning to hear bills about the availability of such medicines for children. Canorml.org reports that Stanford researchers found an 84 percent reduction in seizures in children due to CBD therapy. The FDA has also approved 2 studies of CBD in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy at New York Medical  School and the University of California at San Francisco. 

Anti-Inflammatory / Pain Relief

Project CBD has also reported results from a patient survey of CBD therapies. Patients have reported that CBD is good at reducing pain and improving well-being of patients with painful disorders.

Anti-Tumor / Anti-Cancer

Initial animal studies from Dr. Sean McAllister show CBD’s promise as a tumor shrinking, anti-cancer treatment. The results have yet to be demonstrated in humans, but first results show that cancer cells have been killed by CBD treatments. Find more information about the anti-cancer studies on canorml.org. 


There are many benefits to CBD, and now it is available as as supplement to try for yourself.
Grand Rapids, MI is now a source for CBD liquids in the US. Give Grand Rapids E-Liquid CBD Blend a try today! Try Green Tea CBD from Grand Rapids E-Liquid
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Grand Rapid eLiquid sells our own e-liquid mixes and well as all forms of e cigarette accessories, kits, coils, batteries, and box mods to satisfy your vaping needs. Our goal is to provide you with the most satisfying e-liquid and vaping products at an inexpensive price. If you are looking online for E Juice or for E Liquid in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You’ve Found it.

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We strive to provide the highest quality E-liquid at the most affordable price. Each of our flavors is meticulously crafted and mulled over by our knowledgeable mixing team until we’re satisfied that you’ll be satisfied.

Our e-liquid is all hand-crafted in our lab from the finest ingredients

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Chemical(s) present in eliquid and its vapor are known to cause the following: addiction, birth defects, cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease, and other illnesses. As with smoking, vaping is harmful to your health. Toxic if spilled on skin. Dispose according to local law.

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The Pro’s and Con’s of Switching from Tobacco to Electronic Cigarettes | Grand Rapids E-Liquid | Premium Flavored E-Liquid

The Pro’s and Con’s of Switching from Tobacco to Electronic Cigarettes | Grand Rapids E-Liquid | Premium Flavored E-Liquid.

The Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarettes Vs. Tobacco



Electronic cigarette” is a device used to replace smoking. It is battery-powered and vaporizes e-liquid. When switched on it produces a vapour that looks like smoke, and it is held the same way the normal tobacco cigarette is held and frequently moved between hand and mouth. The vapour from e-cigarette is derived from the e-liquid, which are propylene glycol, vegetable glycine, flavouring ingredients that can be obtained from Grand Rapids E-Liquid and other e-juice companies and varied amount of nicotine depending on how much the user wants. An E-cigarette does not contain the other 4000 or more chemicals that make up the tobacco cigarette.

Electronic cigarette’s have been famous for about ten years now.

It has provided smokers with another healthier option. So many people no longer smoke but vape. An electronic cigarette is made up of a battery, an atomizer which atomizes the e-liquid obtained and a nicotine chamber which is renewable and allows someone to hold the electronic cigarette the same way they would hold tobacco cigarette while they vape. While vaping an e-cigarette, it produces a “smoke” like vapour and may glow at the other end when they draw. The nicotine chamber allows cartridges of a varied amount of nicotine which is given to individuals when they want to vape, the opportunity of reducing gradually the amount of nicotine if they want to quit smoking or increasing it depending on what they want.

Some History on Tobacco

Tobacco cigarette smoking itself is the practice of inhaling the smoke from a burning tobacco cigarette. This practice started as far back as 5000-3000 BC. This has proved to be the most common method of consuming tobacco is by smoking and among the substances consumed by smoking, tobacco is the most common. Cigarette is obtained after wrapping tobacco leaves with other additives into a cylinder. Cigarette, in addition to tobacco, contains more than five thousand other substances or additives. The most common substance is nicotine which is addictive in nature.

Smoking is now a very common practice and it begins in early adulthood. It is believed that people who smoke, do that to cover for their inabilities including failures in their studies or in sports. When smoking is started, the person becomes addicted to it due to the presence of nicotine and majority of people that smoke, started as a result of pressure from pear influence. It has been observed from various researches that most of the contents of cigarette are carcinogens. At least, 50 constituents are carcinogens while others are poisonous.

Facts about Tobacco

These substances include tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide to mention but a few. These substances have effects directly on the mucosal lining of the tracheobronchial region of the respiratory tract. Bronchitis is one of the dangerous effects of smoking tobacco for a long time. It has always been said that no time is late to quit smoking.

There has been so many opinions about e-cigarette and tobacco cigarettes. From the text above, it has been proven that e-cig and tobacco cigarettes have their pros and cons.

The pros and cons of smoking tobacco cigarette
The pros of vaping e-cigarette include;
  • Those who vape vape e-cigarettes have testified on numerous occasion that it reduces the urge to smoke tobacco cigarette.
  • Vaping E-cig has provided people with the means of adjusting the amount of nicotine they would want in their cigarette, an option that tobacco cigarette would not allow them.
  • Vaping an E-cig has helped people on several occasions quit smoking and remained for about 6 months without smoking. There has been no smoke quitting program that is better than this.
  • Electronic cigarettes helps to take away smoking, and leaves you with e-liquid that contains nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycine, and flavours from e-juice companies which are free of carcinogens, making it safer than tobacco cigarette.
  • One very good reason people consider to vape e-cigarette is that it saves them money. It has been calculated to save up to $5,000 every for the very active tobacco smokers (2 packs a day). The reason for this is that you will only purchase one e-cigarette starter kit and keep purchasing refills of e-liquids from Grand Rapid E-liquid which is not more than $20 every week.
  • The effects of second hand smoke which includes, the most offensive odors that non-smoker perceive, making the eye sting, staining clothes and hazards created in the environment, is absent in electronic cigarette. The scent that comes out of the vapour can hardly be detected by someone standing next to you.
  • Most places that smoking is not allowed, allow people to e-smoke. Vaping e-cigs is not banned in almost all public places.

Some of the cons of vaping e-cigarette include;

  • Vaping E-cigarettes is safer than smoking tobacco cigarette. This does not mean it is entirely hazard free. Propylene glycol, one of the ingredients of e-liquid makes smokers dehydrated after e-smoking. This effect can be annulled by using an e-liquid that has just vegetable glycerine.
  • There are a few guidelines and regulations about vaping e-cigarette and e-liquid from e-juice companies. E-cigarettes and e-liquids from Grand Rapid E-liquid can be purchased without having to pay for state tobacco taxes.

Those who smoke tobacco, has found joy in nicotine because it increases the basal metabolic rate, they burn more calories, making them lose weight. It is beneficial in calming their nerves and makes them get focused. This is the reason when smokers do not smoke for a while; they tend to lose focus as the level of nicotine in their system reduces. This can only become normal when they return the level of nicotine in their system.

Tobacco smoking has the potential to cause lung damage. When cigarettes burn, it yields a product of more than 5000 poisonous ingredients. Of all these, about 4000 chemicals are carcinogens and these affects the lung gradually until it becomes exposed.

Tobacco smoking has a dangerous effect on the heart and the blood vessels. It increases your blood pressure, your ability to get cardiovascular diseases, the chances of blood coagulation which can cause brain damage and stroke. Smoking also reduces your ability to exercise by decreasing your lung capacity.

Smoking places huge financial burden on smokers. Heavy smokers can spend on average $5,000 a year. Some other financial burdens are the loss of cars or homes that gets burned by cigarette fire.

In all, quitting smoking and vaping would be a better advice, but for those who would suffer withdrawal, vaping an e-cig with e-liquid with a minimal amount of nicotine can reduce withdraw symptoms. Getting e-liquid from Grand Rapid E-liquids has been proved to be a great choice for those who vape.

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